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Book Nook Kit Antique office

95 $

The Book Nook Kit Antique office has a backlight picture of a bright moon. Included 3D miniatures , chair and books .

in stock


Within this Kit yout get a small office that you can design yourself.

Box with engraved front and lights, two shelves, table, 200 books, a miniature bust and quill pen, desk and chair, prints for floor and desk decoration and window picture. For the books you get pre-sorted wooden parts of different sizes and matching printed book covers. You cut out these covers and glue them around the pieces of wood. You can then stick them on the shelf or just sort them.

All you need is acrylic paints, glue stick, wood glue, fixing tape and some manual skills.

All part´s are engraved and cutted with a high tech laser. You can design your Library as you wish.

There is no building instructions, cause it is very easy to build it. It is just a small puzzle.

Figures in scale 1:24 fit in this box for expansion with miniatures.

The finished box is approx. 20cm high, 10cm wide and 17cm deep